The Coca Cola Court may be used during scheduled Open Gym Time by Fitness Centre Memebers. The Court Schedule is posted outside the East doors of the Coca Cola Court.

The Coca Cola Court Schedule is updated weekly.

Coca Cola Court Schedule, November 6th-15th

Schedule maybe subject to change without notice. 



Shinny hockey at the MAC takes place primarily on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons throughout the Fall and Winter Seasons, and Sunday afternoons in the Summer.

Shinny is free for Ryerson Students and Staff who present a valid OneCard. All other participants are $10.00 per person. Sign-in and payment are outside the Dressing Room Hallway on the 3rd floor. Dates listed below may be subject to change without notice.      

Upcoming shinny will be held on:​ ​​​​​​

  • October 24th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 5th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 7th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 12th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 14th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 19th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 21st, 12PM-1PM
  • November 26th, 12PM-1PM
  • November 28th, 12PM-1PM


The Ryerson Student, Alumni, Faculty and Staff Skates are held throughout the Fall & Winter, at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Dates listed below may be subject to change without notice.​​​

  • November 5th, 11AM-12PM
  • November 12th, 11AM-12PM
  • November 19th, 11AM-12PM
  • November 26th, 11AM-12PM


Bring your family & friends to the Mattamy Athletic Centre for a free skate on Mattamy Home Ice. Dates listed below may be subject to change without notice.  

Upcoming community skates will be held on:​ ​​​​

  • November 2nd, 3PM-5PM
  • December 26th, 11AM-1PM
  • January 1st, 11AM-1PM
  • February 17th, 11M-1PM

NOTE: Skate rentals are not available at the Mattamy Athletic Centre.

Community Guidelines

To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all Leisure Skate Participants, all users are required to observe the following regulations:

Community Skate Rules:
• All skaters 6 years and under must wear CSA approved hockey helmets. We also recommend that all beginner skaters over the age of six wear CSA approved hockey helmets for their protection.
• When on the ice, all patrons must wear skates. No shoes are permitted on the ice. When wearing skates off the ice, skate guards are recommended for safety.
• Skaters are not permitted to use cell phones or portable music devices while on the ice.
• To enter or leave the ice surface, patrons must use the gate in between the team benches.
• Food or beverages are not allowed on the ice surface.
• For the privacy and protection of our patrons, photography and videotaping is restricted. For special arrangements, please contact staff.
• Alcohol, abusive language and aggressive behavior are not permitted in the facility. Failure to abide by this rule may result in a suspension from the program and/or facility.
• The Mattamy Athletic Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not bring valuables into the facility.

For Leisure Skaters:
For the safety of all skaters, please
• Skate in the direction or flow of the other patrons
• Do not speed skate or skate backwards
• Do not carry children while on the ice
• Do not stop for extended times along the boards
• Do not play tag
• Figure skating jumps are not permitted

There may be an area reserved for beginner skaters. Please be careful when skating by this area.

• Skating walkers are permitted during leisure skate times.
• No sticks, balls, pucks, chairs or strollers are allowed on the ice surface. Exceptions will be made for sledges that are to assist those with physical disabilities. The person pushing the sledge is required to wear skates.

Staff are present for the well being of all patrons. Please ask staff for assistance if needed.