TMU's Community Skates at The Mattamy Athletic are open to everyone. Bring your family and friends and enjoy a skate under our historic roof. The dates listed below may be subject to change without notice.  

Upcoming community skates will be held on:​ ​​​​

  • Saturday, July 29th from 3 PM - 5 PM

Free & Community Skate Policies

  • 200 skaters maximum allowed on the ice surface at one time for free skates.
  • All skaters under 6 years of age must wear CSA approved hockey helmets. We also recommend that all beginner skaters over the age of six wear CSA approved hockey helmets for their protection.
  • When on the ice, all patrons must wear skates. No shoes are permitted on the ice. When wearing skates off the ice, skate guards are recommended for safety.
  • Skaters are not permitted to use portable music devices while on the ice.
  • To enter or leave the ice surface, patrons must use the gates in-between the team benches or the team benches.
  • Food items of any kind or beverages are not allowed on the ice surface.
  • The Mattamy Athletic Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not bring valuables into the facility, and do not leave any of your belongings unattended.
  • For the safety of all skaters, please
    • Skate in the direction of the other patrons.
    • Do not figure skate, speed skate or skate backwards.
    • Do not carry children while on the ice.
    • Do not stop for extended times along the boards.
    • Do not play tag.
    • No sticks, balls, pucks, chairs or strollers are allowed on the ice surface. Exceptions will be made for devices that are to assist those with physical disabilities. If a person is required to push the device, the assisting person must wear skates.
  • Individuals displaying unacceptable behaviour or who choose not to follow the rules will be asked to leave. This includes the following violations:
    • Dangerous play
    • Fighting
    • Abusive and or obscene language or behaviour
    • Consumption of alcohol

Staff are present for the well-being of all patrons. Please ask staff for assistance if needed.

There may be an area reserved for beginner skaters only. Please be careful when skating in this area.




TMU Student, Alumni, Faculty and Staff skates are held throughout the Fall & Winter.

TMU Student, Alumni, Faculty and Staff skates will return in September 2023.

TMU Free Skate Policies

  • Skaters must check in at the Fitness Centre reception desk and show their OneCard in order to participate.
  • Alumini without a one card will need to self identify or provide government issued ID in cases require it.
  • There is no charge to participate.
  • Free skate is not available to members outside the Toronto Metropolitan University community.
  • Availability is based on first come first serve. Skaters can arrive 30 minutes in advance of ice time.