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Coca Cola Court


The Coca Cola Court contains one main FIBA regulation basketball court (91'10.4" x 49'2.5"), and a main volleyball court (59' x 29'5"). The main area can be divided into two smaller gyms to allow for multiple areas of playing including two basketball games or two volleyball games.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 416-598-5960


Please fill out the Court Rental Request Form

** Ryerson Student Groups must submit their event for approval through the Ryerson Student Event Management Form on ConnectRU under their registered Student Group or Course Union before the venue confirmation can be made.


$200/hr plus HST until April 30, 2020

$215/hr plus HST as of May 1, 2020

** Ryerson Student Groups $100/hr plus HST (Monday to Friday from 7 AM - 6 PM)

Additional charges may apply depending on the court set-up. This can include the use of the bleachers, sound system, score clock, moving portable nets, and splitting the court into two playing areas.

Each rental is 55 minutes in duration, and all setup and tear down must take place during this time.

Seasonal clients that book on a weekly basis must submit requests by May 31st for the winter season, and February 15th for the summer season.